Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bright Lights, Big City... but only when you want to

Another day of nothing. Last night, I stuck around long enough to watch Alston miss the 3 pointer that would've tied up the game at the buzzer. As a result, the Rockets lose to the Lakers. And as a result of that, I woke up tired again today, but I was able to drag myself out of bed and head to the NASC pool in order to practice treading water. In the end, I was happy I did it and didnt give in to my lack of energy and laziness because I was actually able to tread water in my flight suit and boots. So that's one thing that I've accomplished while I've been here. I also got to jump off the high dive tower, which is mad fun. Unfortunately, I was wearing contacts since I didnt plan on jumping off the tower, so I wasnt able to complete the under water swim. All in all, a good day of effort.

Now I've really realized how little I did today, so I'm drawing blanks about what to say. Is this what happens? When your days and nights are essentially filled with nothing substantial or taxing, your mind draws and blank and you've got nothing to produce? I really dont think so, but I've been proven wrong pretty much ever since I've gotten down to Pensacola.

I thought about letting out my thoughts and feelings on that NYC thing, but I dont really feel up to it right now. Maybe I'll feel better about writing on the topic when I finish "On the Road" or when I start "The Great Gatsby". Basically the gist of it is that I believe that most people see NYC as this big bustling city with lots to do and lots of lights and excitement. "The city that never sleeps". Bright lights, big city. And that's what people dig about it. The pace of life is fast, you're doing everything fast. You're eating food fast. You're waiting for rides fast. You're watching your movies in fast forward. It's just the ultimate idea of "the big city" and that's what draws people in; to be able to live there is to be able to say you live in the most exciting city in the world. That's not why I want to live there. Watch that The Strokes music video I posted up down there. You see all their buddies hanging out in a bar, just talking, not really doing anything, just getting drunk and smoking? That's the experience I'm looking for. The NYC life I want to live is that kind of crappy apartment in a pretty old building, in just another neighborhood where you wont find the tourists. You know the people around you, you can walk up and down the street without the hassle of Broadway and Times Square. You've got your local spots, whether they be morning cafes/bakeries/food carts, or happy hour bars/pubs/etc. It just kind of has that feel to it. I cant really describe it. It's fire escapes, and hanging out on building rooftops, and walking home from bars, and knowing where to go to get your donuts or bagels or coffee or whatever you eat in the morning. In any other town, it would be a terribly boring life, but the fact that you're in NYC makes it more appealing (not exciting) than it really is. It might just be a case of the greener grass since I've always lived in relatively small towns, suburbia, etc and never in a big city, but maybe not. Maybe what I'm describing is that perfect balance for me, where you have access to the big city and it's bright lights and all of that hustle and bustle that comes with it, but only if you want to. Only if you want to venture into that part of town. Otherwise, it's sedated, it's relaxed, it's a lazy life. I am a huge fan of the chill life (the reason I wasnt dying of boredom while waiting down here for flight school, and thus I havent started flight school), but I also like to have my options about me. I'm all about leaving those options open so I can go off and satisfy my spontaneous urges whenever they may arise.

Well, I guess I went ahead and basically spit out everything about the NYC thing I want, so I can check that off of my to-do list.

But with this whole Navy, flight school thing, I feel like I've already written off the good part of my life. The part that's supposed to be used for exploring and living life before you settle down. I'll have great experiences and a great life, I'm sure; but I'm also pretty sure that it's not the experiences and life that I want.