Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why, It's Almost Like Being... LINE!!!

*Disclaimer: This article began as a draft so many weeks ago, which I forgot about, and am now only returning to today, 13 Jan 09. I'm pretty sure what I wrote about has nothing to do with what I originally intended to write about, hence the title is a bit off topic with the rest of the entry, and that bothers me a bit because I do enjoy synching good titles with the material of the entry, but alas, we'll leave it and cite it as "laziness".

"Ahh, to be a young naval officer.... with nothing to do whilst you wait for training. Why, it's like I don't even know what the Navy is really like. And there's nothing wrong with that!"

Ahh, to be young and foolish.

Granted, I still havent experienced what a full, adult "work day" is like (especially for those serving in the Armed Forces), I am no longer full of nothing to do. And I can tell you. Grad school is going to be mighty difficult for me. I can't yet say I prefer to just work a regular full, adult "work day", but I CAN say that I HATE studying and I HATE homework and I HATE coming home from sitting in class all day only to return back to the books and back to work once I get home (after fighting through work traffic). I don't understand how I'm going to get my Master's. The only thing keeping my drive towards that particular life goal is knowing that I totally fckn rocked-killed the EKMS Managers course. A-HOLLA.

I'm not sure I like the new judge on American Idol; Kara-whatever her name is. She's younger and fiestier than Paula, and I guess that's a dynamic the producers of the show were looking to add/inject into American Idol, but I'm not sure I like it.

What I DO know I like from last night's first episode is: 1) That one kid who offered to sing "God Save The Queen" only to reveal quickly that he was being sarcastic towards Simon and in fact did not know the lyrics (who the fck does?). I love innocently brutal sarcasm. It's lovely. And he said he'd be popular in Canada! CANADA! That makes me the 2nd person in the world who cares for Canada.

I also liked bikini chick. She should show up to Hollywood naked. And they should NOT put American Idol censors all over her butt.

Also, my friend/roommate pointed out that the "A" in "American Idol" is a star. She, in fact (and I pointed this out to her), is wrong. It is not a complete star. There is one stroke missing to make it a star (That's What She Said = TWSS). It's almost a star. So what does that mean? You're almost a star. That's right, you American Idols. You're almost stars. Almost.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


What kind of color is Red?

Red is a warning, a declaration; a color that says "I'm ready to do what it takes".

Red is focused and driven because Red doesn't like second place.

So what kind of color is Red?

His kind.

Red Drive.



... A crisp blend of cherry and citrus flavors inspired by Tiger. It's in Tiger Woods. Is it in you?

(ok, so I stole it from a Gatorade bottle... FREAKIN LAY OFF!)