Friday, October 5, 2007

That Guy

Man, I've been trying too hard. Living in the past and forcing myself to go back there, thinking that it'll put me where I want.

And I usually hate people who try too hard. You may have the best of intentions and you may not be harming anyone, but there's something about trying too hard that's really annoying and makes me wish something bad would happen to you. Nothing DRASTIC, mind you, just something slightly unfortunate. Like you lose your car keys. Or a finger. It's even worse if you're trying hard and faking at life. But that's another can of worms.

The first key to writing is to write, not to think.

You really just have to let it all flow out. Dont think about what's going on, just go for it. I dont even LIKE doing drafts or editing work, so what's been my deal? I dont know. I'm getting too wrapped up in my head.

I think that I need to step away from all the technology. "Ayo, I'm tired of using technology." The computer, the all just breaks my concentration from my own thoughts. I'm reactive to what I'm fed. I'm slowly losing the joy of making my own thoughts. Using my imagination. Speaking my mind.

Dont think about where this is going. Just do it in it's purest form. Unadulterated, ad lib. The way life is.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday TV: 02 Oct 2007


Didnt really like it; the show didnt really interest and hook me, though those Geico commercials are by far my favorite TV commercials. One plus: I enjoy the "stick-it-to-you" banter that the cavemen argue back and forth with.


Once again, not impressed again. The story was boring, actors werent great or really funny, and I felt that the "carpool" wasnt used to its full potential. One plus: Jerry O'Connell. For some reason, something about him is funny. Maybe I'm channeling my weird liking for "Joe's Apartment", but I thought he was the only CLOSE to funny part of the show.

All in all, a bad showing for what I suspect ABC was trying to make THEIR comedy prime time night, meant to perhaps compete with NBC's Thursday Comedy night, though they are obviously on different nights.

So who is the Tuesday night prime time winner (based on what I watched)? HOUSE!!!

Last season, House fired Chase, Foreman and Cameron quit, and now he's testing a bunch of doctors who are competing to fill the three spots???? It's like Amazing Race, Survivor, and House all rolled into one! And I already love House! Man, that guy. Annnddd.... Wilson and Cuddy remain favorites, as always..

Oh, Someday...

Man, sometimes you just gotta go back to what made you feel good...

The Strokes - "Someday"

"I'm working so I wont have to try so hard
Tables they turn sometimes, oh someday..."