Thursday, November 27, 2008

You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You

What an odd and unexpected change of circumstances Fate has bestowed upon us.  Fate?  Or something much more personal?  Perhaps something that has been festering and swelling unknown, ignored for quite some time now?  Don't dare tempt it.  Don't tempt Fate.

I've been pressed on this for some time now.  If you dont believe me, see the video below:

Yes, that IS a McDonald's McRib commercial.  ..which led me to this..

"...such a silly game we play.." (video embedding disabled)

And my continued search for the song that I think has the same or similar melody... which so far, has been FAIL! after FAIL!...

Things to be thankful for this past year:

-All I care for are healthy and happy (want for nothing!!!)
-New career-direction that I am happy about
-Friends who don't forget me
-Old family friends who treat me like family when I can't be with my own
-Leaving Pensacola and returning home in 5 days
-Being a better person than I was a year ago

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Dont Gotta Go Home, But You Gotta Get the FCK Outta Here (I Think I'll Do Both)

On the road back to VA.  So far, it has major uber (that's German!) sucked being back in Pensacola, but I think it's mostly because I've been given that taste of home, and started to get used to be being back last month.  It was everything I thought it would be (basically me drinking the weekends away... I should slow down..), and it'll only get better when all my things are moved into my sweetass, new house (codename: 'SWEETASSNESS').  The countdown is coming to a close.... 7 days to go.

So today I'll officially have nothing left in my apartment.  I wont have TV or much anything else.  I'll be sleeping on the floor, wrapped in a blanket for 7 nights.  Here's a roll call of things I'll have with me after this afternoon:

-Pillow x 2
-Some Clothes
-"World War Z" (I should take this time to read)
-Les Paul
-Lots of old food/condiments/spices/sauces that I'm just gonna end up throwing away on Sunday

So what the hell am I gonna do with my time?  Well... what I've already been doing with my time (see below).

My New Song

Chocolate Rain

Old School FOB Acoustic