Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Shitblog

Before Ruben Medalla can steal my idea and become an internet demi-god due to it, I'm posting this intro video to make it official.

Shitblog #1


Gian said...

best. shitblog. ever.

you should make it a video podcast so i can subscribe via itunes.

Anonymous said...

why are you soo weird?


Kat said...


oh &... you're gross.

ailene said...

thank you so much for doing this so that ruben can't. i may have to "dump" him if he ever did something like this...haha. jk. hi mike!

- "ate"

buddha said... must rock the guitar on the next one.

Riggs said...

it would have been cooler i think if we heard something drop haha

Mark said...

You should have a double header once a week called, "Number 2 for Tuesday's."

@ gian: that would be awfully disturbing if your parents walked in and instead of seeing porn on your plasma, it's Ordonz on the throne. iTunes won't know what hit them.