Friday, January 29, 2010

A Generation of Players, Not Suitors

boy does not meet girl. that's not what i see anyway. people dont meet by happenstance. they are not total strangers across a crowded room or on a bus or walking down the street, innocent and sincere. the boy does not muster up the goofy yet endearing courage to introduce himself POLITELY to a girl to ask her on a date. there is no naivety in the courtship. there IS no courtship.

we hook up. we meet in bars and clubs. we dress cool and smooth and suave and walk with bravado. we throw lines and spit game at the cute girl in the short dress who we definitely want to bang, but we're not sure if we'd bring her home to mom. we're not even thinking about a girl we want to bring home to mom. we talk like two sentences ago.

in the only profession that demands a man be a gentleman in addition to his position, i find myself hard pressed to find uncommitted examples. we are arrogant and brash and outlandish and vulgar. we have faux class.

we make the times, and are victims of it. i am as guilty as my kinsmen in this. today is the day of unrestricted personal opinions and of pushing the limit.

perhaps the present has always been like this, and those that have come before us were just as vulgar, but are now protected by history and the past.

it does not matter if we think ourselves great men today. it matters if others think us to be great men fifty years from now.

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