Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adrian Veidt Probably Forwards All His Chain Letters

After taking a lot of time to think deeply about "Watchmen" so that I could write a competent review of the movie, I found another part of the movie that bothered me, and it occurs in the comic book as well.

Adrian Veidt is supposedly the world's smartest man in the "Watchmen" universe. He tricked, more or less, the whole world into not killing themselves. Like his idol, Alexander of Macedonia, Veidt excelled at thinking outside of the box, thus allowing him to "solve" great riddles and problems (like stopping nuclear holocaust). I mean, all the proof is in the comic to back that Veidt could've quite possibly have been the smartest man in the world, or at least he was really REALLY intelligent.

What bothers me the most is that Veidt, for all his intelligence, was not able to stop Nite Owl II and Rorschach from hacking into his computer files, which did not become his downfall, but did lead to a confrontation and the forced revealing of his dasterdly plot. Why was Adrian Veidt not able to stop Nite Owl II and Rorschach? BECAUSE HE MADE A REALLY REALLLY REEAALLLYYY EASY AND OBVIOUS COMPUTER PASSWORD.

Sorry, it might just be me, but seriously? That's it? "Ramses II"? How did he think no one was going to figure out his password? I mean for God's sakes, it's the other name for his superhero name! Did he really sit as his office desk pondering what he should lock his computer, which held all his secret files and plans for world survival despite ethical issues, and then go, "Aha! I have it! How about the alternate name for my superhero identity?! No one will figure that one out!"

Computer security might be difficult if you're dealing with world-reknowned or experienced hackers, etc., but it should never be as easy as that. He didn't even use a number (not a real number). The "II" was achieved by typing 2 upper case 'I's. If had made it "Ramses2", it would've been a better password than the one he choose. Fck man. The password to log into my online home water bills website is harder than that; and I'm not even mentioning UVA's computing account passwords or my Navy NKO password. You'd think Adrian Veidt, world's smartest man, would be a bit more versed in computer security.

In his defense though (as I learned in AP English 11, you have to present counter argument), he probably never thought that someone would make it into his office unnoticed. Or maybe he had already completely retired his business (since the building looked deserted upon Rorschach and Nite Owl II's arrival, as indicated by Dreiberg) and didn't really care about the information in his computer anymore. But then again, that sounds stupid. Even if you're not going to use the information or office anymore, you'd destroy records and files of highly confidential material.

Maybe he was so sure of his success that he just didn't give a damn?

Still, that's stupid.

Adrian Veidt was stupid. I'd probably be able to hack into his facebook account and change his status to "Adrian Veidt is the stupidest man in the world".


lg said...

i'm gonna change your facebook status.

Dayders said...

Ya know, I thought the same thing but rationalized it to this: Adrian Veldt was not only smart enough, but arrogant enough to think that someone would figure out his plot thus allowing him to gloat a bit more during the reveal to Owl/Rorsh.

Btw, anyone manage to catch the homage to his sexual orientation in the OPENING CREDITS? I was the only one in the theater to give an acknowledging chuckle to that.

A. Rose said...

I didn't like the movie =/ And I didn't like Veidt even before I found out he was the villain!

kingsmartarse said...

Yeah, I remember that part, at like Studio 54 or whatever, and they had a David Bowie look-a-like and what not. I thought it was pretty funny, to poke fun at the speculation.

Chris said...

Veidt didn't care if they were able to hack into his computer files. he had already tricked the world, there was no stopping it even when Night Owl and Rorsh found out. Think about it: when they showed up in Antarctica to stop him, the plans had already been executed. Adrian Veidt couldn't care less at that point, his job was done. Oh, and A. Rose...he wasn't the villain. In fact, he was the only real hero in the comic/movie. He went about it in a different way but he saw the wisdom in his actions and in the end, it was his actions that saved the planet, not the actions of ANYONE else in the movie.

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