Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Boat Ride for 3.... THOUSAND

This song isn't just funny, but it's also true. At least for me it is.

So I've been busy on my new boat for the past month. That's all there really is to it. What do we do? We train and train and maintain and maintain so that when the time comes (it's coming soon) and we're called to act, we don't die defending freedom and democracy around the world. And then you repeat when you get back for the NEXT time the time comes.

I don't know why SWOs get so much shit; they probably have the toughest lives of anyone in the Navy. I guess you could defend that supposedly anyone could do this job (commissioned Naval officers, that is), but there's something to be said of the endlessly, tiring days and work that just never seem to go away, even when you're not on the boat. It's kind of a bitch to put up with so much.

It probably could have been put more eloquently, but I think blunt words are far more effective and true with the lives of SWOs and other sea warriors.

God. Some days, I'm not even sure if the sun woke up and did it's job for the day.

This post is all filler, no killer.


lg said...

the sun woke up. i saw it.

Mike Hizzy said...

the navy should issue nautical-themed pashmina afghans. not only are they stylish, i think they could be useful as harnesses for climbing buoys or for reining in the dolphins you ride.